Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Status Update" (Ahhhhhhh I hate that term now!!!!! thanks a lot Zuckerberg)

Ok so blogging regularly may be a little bit harder than I expected when I decided to start a blog. That being said I would like to give kudos to guys like Heshy Fried of Frumsatire who post all the time. 
           So I'm just gonna give you guys a quick update on the situation. The HH's were actually not too bad to be honest.Succos was what I expected i guess: tons of fighting with my parents about waking up for shul in the morning. (I guess its like any regular shasbbos) C'mon is that really too much to ask? All i want is to be able to wake up at 9:30 on my days off. 
           Overall, I'm just crazy busy between school work and school work. I barely even have time to think, let alone figure things out. Will have some sort of actually interesting post coming along soon. (I swear i mean it this time)
              As always, thanks for reading this (particularly rushed this time) blog. Please comment


  1. So do your parents insist you spend Sukkos with them? Would you rather be somewhere else?

    If they insist that you come home, your presence should be enough for them; why should they also insist you wake up early? You're not a child.

    If, however, you come home for Sukkos of your own volition because you enjoy having all the comforts of home (including the delicious, lavish meals made for you), maybe your parents want something in return.

    Being financially or otherwise dependent on others, including one's parents, comes with a lot of sometimes unwelcome strings attached. Since you are preparing for a career, you will not be dependent forever. Then you can sleep as late as you want in your own apartment.

  2. Join Chabad, minyan starts at 10:30(: .