Monday, January 9, 2012

Have you ever noticed that people really tend to overthink things. Ok, that could just be me...and my family...and my friends...and everyone I've ever met. There are always times when I'm totally freaking out about something and then barely notice when it actually happens. This got totally driven in home after I stopped going to yeshiva.
     I'll admit it, I was pretty freaked out about it. As even keeled as I usually am, I was having a pretty tough time with this one. How was I going to react to not seeing my friends every day? It was a pretty scary thought. In the end, however, I realized that not much has really changed. The anticipation was so much bigger than what actually occurred.
     I had a similar thought process when I started college. I thought i was making this massive, life-changing decision. While that may be true, life didn't really feel all that different. Things just keep happening, I never really have the time to just slow down and observe the changing scenery.
     OK, I'm doing a horrible job of trying to explain what I mean here. It's more that you always overhype things in your own head and expect things to feel super new when you make a change. Life doesn't let you do that. It just keeps happening and feeling like your same old life.


  1. Humans are resilient...

  2. Emotions depend on where your head is, not where you are.

  3. That was very philosophical! Lol

  4. Also, most people are busy with their lives and don't really care what you do.